Sunday, July 31, 2016

Week 18 - Everything here wants to kill you‏

Can you believe that it has been 4 months?!!
Gday everyone!! 
What a great week to share with yous all!! I can't believe that it is once again Monday! The weeks go by so very fast!

This week we have been able to do a lot of contacting of former investigators! We met a woman whose name is Mirella Toau. She is Bonza az!! She has been prepared to receive the message :) We shared with her the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she understood everything and said that it was great! :) We are going to see her again this week and share with her the Plan of Salvation!

Fono is doing so great! She is so very excited to be baptized and is just so ready! She shared with us that the reason she wanted to start learning more was because when her son was born, he died shortly after birth :( So Sad!! But she said that now that she knows more, she can't deny that it is true! Wow..she is such an inspiration to me!

Sami is doing so great! She wants to be baptized so bad....she just can't give up smoking and knows that she eventually will be is just whenever she can give up smoking! We are continually praying for her and just keep encouraging her to pray and read from her scriptures. She will make that decision one day I know it :)

This week has truly been one of the greatest weeks since I have started my mission!! I have learned so much this week through my studies and I know that as I continually study the Christlike attributes I can become more like the Savior when I talk to people and with my companion! I have also learned a lot about myself this week as I have been struggling again with a nasty cough....that I can take a lot more than I ever thought I could! I have learned to just keep pushing and keep going that extra little bit in everything that I do and I have been able to do much more in myself and with the missionary work! I know that nothing is possible without the help of the Savior! He continually pushes me and keeps me going. He is my rock as I walk the streets of Melbourne and although people don't want to hear or accept the message we have to share with them, at least we gave them the opportunity to do so! I have learned how to be more patient and humble in my everyday activities and I love the Savior with all my heart! He is my rock and I know I can just lean on him when I need too :)

I hope yous all have had a great week and are enjoying summer :) 1 more month of winter and then I can FINALLY have a summer :) It is so close!! 

Sister Rose

Typical Australia :) "Easy Az"
Sister Rose and Sister Bennett
Side note from Sister Rose's mom....

This quote was very appropriate to attach to Sister Rose's blog this week. The words that Sister Rose has shared this week echo what Elder Martino counseled during a general conference talk.

Sister Rose's faith in Jesus Christ led to her decision to serve a mission for
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Her faith and testimony in Jesus Christ lead her to share this message with all she comes in contact with in Australia, as well as strengthening her family and friends here at home. Our Savior is the source of her positive attitude.
He helps her have courage in the face of rejection, and He blesses her with physical strength.

We are so grateful for Sister Rose's example and for her positive influence, wherever she is in the world.

Jesus Christ lives. He loves each of us.
He is the source of love and peace.
He will come again.

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