Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Mission Life :)‏

Gday Everyone!! :)
I can't even begin to tell you what a week it has been! There have been so many miracles and so many hardships about this week that I don't even know where this week went! It was an absolutely amazing week! :)
To start off, we got dropped by an investigator on Sunday....and then again on Friday! It was crazy as! I couldn't believe it and we both were really sad that they had chosen that but we can't force people's agency. BUT we were able to pick up a new investigator!! His name is Peter and he is Bonza as! We met him at the bus stop trying to figure out how were going to get to our dinner appointment...it was quite the story. But he cam over and we were trying so hard to talk to him and then when we finally did he told us that his wife had passed away a year and a half ago. He had just came back from picking out the headstone. We shared with him the Plan of Salvation and asked if we could come visit him! He gave us his address and had a return appointment with him for the next day! We saw him 3 times this week!! He also came to church!! :D best moment ever! He keeps telling us that he isn't looking for spiritual change but the spirit is already working through him I know it :) He is just awesome!
We have had such crazy weather! We had this huge wind storm and rain storm on Tuesday!! We were talking to someone at the door on Tuesday and while we were talking...Sister Bennett and I got blown into the side of the house!! It was hilarious! :D We were all laughing and couldn't keep our conversation. It was the greatest thing ever!
I have learned heaps this week and I wish I could share with yous all that I have learned! But the biggest thing is that the BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE! We had someone bash with us about the Book of Mormon and Bible and I just kept thinking...why? Satan finds ways to tear apart the Book of Mormon because it is true. No one ever tears at any other book. I have gained such a strong testimony about it :)
I hope yous all have a great week and are always striving to keep the spirit with you :)
Love yous!
Sister Rose
This is what happens when you aren't home and the Elders really need to use the toilet....they broke into our flat haha

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