Sunday, August 7, 2016

Mission Life :)‏

Gday Everyone! Sorry no fun heading this time...I am not that creative :/

This week has been such an exciting week!! I don't even know where to start! We were able to walk most of our lower area on Tuesday! Which is over 5 km....I slept so great that night!! We were able to visit only 3 people...walking around makes it very hard to see people in a day, BUT we have been given a car so it makes seeing people so much nicer!! 
Fono is progressing so well!! She is so ready for baptisma and she knows that the church is true!! I love her so much!! :)

This week I have been able to learn so much from my personal study and I have learned how to make the atonement more effective in my life and so I can become a more powerful teacher! I love learning how the savior taught and applying it to my life! It has greatly influenced the way that I go about talking to people! I am grateful that we have such an example to look too! He was the perfect teacher and the best big brother for all of us :)
I hope yous all know that I love yous all heaps!! Keep having a great summer :) 

Sister Rose

We hiked to the top of a mountain to have zone meeting this week :) It was the best experience ever!! The spirit was so strong!
These two pictures below are what Sister Rose sent to her brother! Yikes!!!

This is the bad boy on our letter box this week....he was massive az!!! I think it was a huntsman spider!!

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