Sunday, June 5, 2016

Week #10 - Australia!! :D‏

Gday Everyone!
I made it safely to Australia and absolutely love it here!! The people are so friendly and are so welcoming! Not everyone accepts the gospel but they take the time to talk to us and that is bonza :)
Australia is such a beautiful place and it is so exotic!! I love it :) There are parrots that fly around all the time and they are always just singing away! 
The work here is so bonza! The ward that I am in hasn't had a baptism in yongs...over 12 months!? Sister Bennett and I are going to change that :) The ward is so bonza and are so ready to help us whenever we need! When we arrived in our flat there was literally lists of investigators the Elders had taught and NO FOOD!! I was shocked at how disgusting the Elders had left our flat. It is getting better though :) We cleaned most of it this morning and that was gross..
(For all those who I have not responded too just know that I am reading yous emails but I run out of time :P )
I got to see a sister from my stake back at home!! It was so lovely :) We have never met each other before but we were able to stay in contact before she entered the mtc! It was great :)
I love yous all!! Have a GREAT week!!
Love Sister Rose

I got to go to the Palmyra temple and see the sacred grove before I left last week :) It was such a testimony builder!! I am so grateful for this gospel and the joy it brings us :)

This is my Companion Sister Bennett :) Sorry for the blurry picture!!
This is Sister Murphey!! She is so amazing! I am so glad that I got to finally meet her!!

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