Monday, May 23, 2016

Week #8 - Last Monday in NY‏

Well this is officially my last Monday in New York! I found out on Wednesday that I head to Australia on Monday! I am so beyond excited but at the same time really scared to fly by myself...again. But I know the Lord will watch over me and protect me :)
So this letter is going to be really short but this week we picked up a new investigator!! Her name is Laurie and oh my goodness...she is so amazing!! We met with her on Wednesday and on Saturday she was on page 32 of the Book of Mormon!! She is so ready to receive the gospel :) I love her so much!
The Elders had a baptism this weekend and asked me to play How Great Thou Art at the baptism....I have never played that song ever! Before the baptism they asked us to fill the font so I practiced the song for over two was so terrible. But the baptism went great :)
We had a member give us engagement rings this week...haha we were taking so many selfies with them so I thought I would share one!

Today we went to Alexandria Bay since it is my last Monday here and it was SO COOL!!  There is an actual castle! The man built it for his wife because she was his queen (adorable) but she passed away 2 weeks before it was supposed to be finished and so he never finished it. It was so amazing! 


I hope you all have a great week! A quick scripture that I came across in my personal study this week was Alma 36:27-28 I definitely recommend you all read it! :) It was a great lifter this week as it was a really rough week but through finding this scripture I was able to put all my trust in the Lord and just keep going because he is on behind me through every trial! I love this gospel and am so glad for all the prayers and everything! You all are wonderful!

Sister Rose

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