Monday, May 9, 2016

Week #6 - Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!! :)
To start off I want you all to know that this is what Upstate New Yorkers do...

It is a little weird to me...but I guess it is completely normal! They put anything that they don't want or need out on their lawn and people go junking and come take it...HOW WEIRD IS THAT?! Haha New York is an exciting place!

This week completely flew by! I have no idea why or how it went by so fast! I am still trying to remember that it is Preparation day!
New York is starting to get to spring though! Everyone is out wearing shorts and tank tops and I am still wearing my long sleeve shirts and coat..:) I am always cold so it doesn't help that I am from Idaho where it can get pretty cold! Sister Stowell always tells me how she is so hot at night but I am there with 3 blankets on my bed still cold. It is a great life being cold :)
I absolutely love being a missionary right now! I know I have said that so much but it is so true!! I have seen and experienced so much that I will never be the same again! It is truly wonderful what this gospel has to offer and being a missionary I am so grateful to be able to experience that working through those searching!
We have an investigator who REALLY wants to be baptized but is having such a hard time giving up smoking. She loves what we teach her and she loves the way the Holy Ghost feels! She is such a wonderful lady and I love her to death! It makes me so sad when I hear that she has smoked while we've been gone. It breaks my heart! She will get there though! :) The Atonement is what we have next and I feel like that will be an incredible thing to teach her:)
These last 2 weeks have been stressful because most of the time in the area that I am in, we can't go out and find new investigators. It is so stressful but I am so grateful for the Priesthood!! The Elders were able to give me a blessing to help me feel less stress and I have definitely felt that help me and motivate me to keep going! It is amazing what the power of the priesthood does! I am so grateful for all you priesthood holders out there ;)
I hope you all have a great week! I know that this gospel is true with all my heart! I know that Heavenly Father is there all the time watching over us! He knows exactly what we are going through and is just waiting for us to pray and tell Him what is going on in our life! He is our literal father in Heaven and loves each of us so very much! I have felt that so much these past couple weeks and I know that prayer is a great way for us to communicate with our Father :)
I love you all and hope you have had a great week!!!
~Sister Rose

New York Sunsets are so beautiful!
We love doing service!! :)
Just cuz I love Sister Stowell :)

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