Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week #7 May 16, 2016 - Doctor Visits, Training, and Lots of Rain‏

Hey Everyone! :)

What a week this has been!! We had Zone Training Meeting and it was so awesome!! I am so grateful for President Rogers and all that he does for us missionaries!! Sister Stowell was asked to say the opening prayer and we were all asked to prepare a 2-3 minute talk on the Doctrine of Christ. For some reason when President walked in and shook my hand I knew that I was going to be called on to speak. As I told Sister Stowell that I was going to be called on, she just told me that I probably wouldn't and that I didn't need to worry about that. So President gets up after we do all the business and starts saying how he was so excited to hear from 2 random missionaries today and that the first speaker would everyone holds their breathe, Sister Rose and another Elder. I was so flustered haha!! It took me a second to register that he really had said my name! I got up gave my talk and after Sister Stowell leaned over and was so shocked! The spirit works in mysterious ways :)

We also had the chance to go to a Womens Broadcast in Syracuse and listen to Sister Reeves speak!! She is a counselor in the General Relief Society and it was so amazing!! I learned so much! She talked so much about a lot of stuff! So right I can't really remember what stood out to me but I will let you know next week if something is just needing to be shared :)The past few weeks I have been struggling with Shoulder Pains and so I decided that I needed to talk to Sister Rogers about what to do. I ended up going to the doctor to have it looked at! That was an exciting adventure that I never want to do AGAIN!!! WE ended up in the doctor for 2 hours!! The results were that I either have tendinitis or a rotary cuff tear which would be something that I would have had to get treated back at home. Did not want to do that option!! 
Later that day, we have a recent convert who goes to Institute who is a military doctor! She offered to look at it and within 5 minutes told me that it was Bicep Tendinitis and that I could just do exercises and not worry about getting it treated at home!! I was so happy!! :) All is well and it is starting to do better! It still hurts most of the day but it is getting better :) 
New York is such a wonderful place and I am going to be so sad to leave it here in the next two weeks but I am so grateful that I have been blessed to serve here!! My Visa has come and I will be leaving at the End of May or Beginning of June! I am not quite sure yet but I am so excited!! :) I am doing my best to remain focused until that time comes but it is a little difficult! 
The past 3 days have been full of rain and some snow! Who knew it could snow in the middle of May!? I guess in Upstate New York that isn't uncommon!! I was so shocked that it was starting to snow! I don't think it will the next couple of days which would be nice but I guess we will see :)
Thank you all so much for the love and support! You are all the best! :)
Have a wonderful week!
Sister Rose
Sister Stowell's sister and boyfriend came and took us out to lunch! We were able to teach him the Restoration :)

This is the perfect explanation to our week! It has been so long that she was out within 5 minutes after the Womens Broadcast in Syracuse! Coming home was a short ride for Sister Stowell :)

It rained and rained and RAINED all day Sunday! So we had to take a the car...where we wouldn't get to wet!

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